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The Party

When you arrive at The Hellfire Society, expect to be greeted by seductive, sexy and wonderful people longing to get to know you.
We aim to create an dream-like atmosphere where anything is possible and where you drift away to the place of your desires. 
A place where we together as a society, create a night to remember through the ages.

What to Expect


An open and including space where you can feel free to explore and interact with people. You should expect a wonderful and happy atmosphere with people dancing, conversing and having fun.


There will be nude or seminude society members​ around, and there will be sexual interaction going on. You should of course only participate if you feel like it. And please always ask first and do not stare unless you are invited to do so.


Expect between 75-125 people at the party. It is a party where people have sex, more than a sexparty where people also dance.



We aim to find locations which have a secret society look and feel, with several rooms with nooks and crannies.



Rituals and Performance


As any secret society with respect for itself, there will be rituals at The Hellfire Society. And please don't worry. The rituals are safe and done in a way for you to meet new people and be a participant in stead of a passive spectator.


We might also have a performance or two during the evening. If you want to perform at The Hellfire Society, please contact us.




Please look in our FAQ. If you cannot find an answer to your question, do not hesitate to ask.

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