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The Groups

Are you a dapper gentleman from the twenties?
Are you a flirtatious Roman slave with a secret?

Are you an important member of a secret society?

When you decide to go to The Hellfire Society, you need to choose one of three groups of guests you want to belong to.

Read more about the groups below and here on why it is so. And remember at the next event you can change your mind and choose another group. And the examples below are just the beginning. You decide how you will be at the Society. 


The Ancients


Here you find Rawdy Romans, Exotic Egyptians, Submissive Slave Boys, Sultry Senators, Gigantic Gladiators, Sexy Sirens, Crossdressing Caesars, and Pretty Pan Priestesses.


If you love everything from ancient times and your favorite tv show is Blood and Sand, then this is the group for you. Dress like at the bacchanalia of old and behave like you are Pan himself!


Find inspiration here

The Libertines


Here you find Burlesque Performers, Dapper Dans, Pin Up Teases,  Uniformed Gentlemen, Damsels in Distress, Well Hung Street Sweepers, Tuxedo Charmeurs and Femme Fatales.


If you love the vintage era and find everything from top hats to silk stockings sexy and wonderful, then this is the group for you. Don your best outfit, show how sexy old things can be, and party like it is 1929!


Find inspiration here

The Secret Society


Here you find Masked Men, Caped Connoisseurs, Sacrificial Lambs, Gruesome Grand Mistresses, Mysterious Villains, Perverted Masterminds and Hot Henchmen.

If your favorite movie is Eyes Wide Shut and you get off wearing a mask and cape, this is the group for you. There are two parts of the secret society. The voyeurs who wear mask and cape, and the exhibitionists who wear a mask, and little else. 


Find inspiration here

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