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Below you can read questions often asked about The Hellfire Society. The rules stated below is to make the parties more fun for everybody.
If there is a question not answered in the F.A.Q., please contact us and we will reply back to you.

What makes Hellfire different than the other sex-positive events in Copenhagen?

We believe our take is quite different than the other events. We have a strong focus on creating a space where you can escape your everyday inhibitions and take a perona to your liking to play out that evening. We will create a strong narrative for the evening bound together by rituals that will enable you to both feel safe and go further than you thought possible. 


Who are the people behind The Hellfire Society?

We are mixed group of women and men all active in the Copenhagen sex-positive scene. Some of the organizers have done Salon Libertine, others have helped making ManifestKinky Salon or Grotesque Burlesque


What is the PAL system?

You can read about it here. A big thank you to The Original Kinky Salon in San Francisco who came up with the idea. 


This will be my first party at The Society. Anything I need to be aware about?

Wear someting you feel sexy wearing. Find a PAL or two join you for the party. Read our rules. And be prepared to meet open and sexpositive people having a great time.


Will there be dancing?

We surely hope so!


Will there be nudity at the parties?

We hope so. When you are in a sexpositive context, many people love to be in some state of undress. 


Is there an age requirement?
You have to be at least 18 to join The Hellfire Society. Sorry.


Do I have to bring ID?

If we do not know you, and you look especially youthful, you might be asked to provide an ID.


Can I buy a ticket at the door?
The Hellfire Society is build on trust and we believe that trust takes preparation and dedication. And deciding to come on the day is none of that. So no tickets at the door. The ticket sales are closed a couple of days before the event. More on that at the events page.


Is this a serious BDSM club?

No it is not. We organize fun parties with dancing and hedonistic behaviour. 


Is this a swinger club?

No it is not. We organize fun parties with dancing and hedonistic behaviour. 


If I cannot fulfill the dresscode, will I get my money back?

We believe the dresscode is quite clearly described here at the website. It only takes a little effort to do the bare minimum. Please look at the inspiration we have provided under the various groups. If you are not dressed up when you arrive, you will not get in and you will not get your money back. 


What do you mean when you say no work uniforms?

Work uniforms are the uniforms that are in use when soldiers and the like do actual work. So no regular police uniforms, postal uniforms and the like. If you are in doubt, contact us.


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Why are there no photographs from your parties?

We have a strict no photography polity at The Hellfire Society. So you will not see any photographs. This is to make sure everybody feel safe and relaxed. So please leave your camera or phone in your bag.


Why are you not on Facebook?

We love Facebook, but not for events. People have a way to relaxed attitude replying yes for events and most people do not show up. We are very proud of our dedicated members and we feel by not beeing on Facebook we show that it takes a little bit of commitment to be a part of The Hellfire Society.


All this talk about rituals transforming people sounds silly to me.

Well, it kind of is. Most people use rituals every day of our lives to create a certain mood or focus. At The Society, the rituals has nothing to do with religion or superstition. We use them to create an experience together and help people get in the mood for an amazing experience. 


Why the groups?

There are two reasons for the groups.

First: We love the periods and style of the four groups. They are a weird mix we know, but it is also the periods in time where hedonism and debauchery have been celebrated. 

Second: When you belong to a group and dress up, you will suddenly find yourself living the life of a person from that group. The costume and people around you give you confidence a boost and you will feel awesome and wonderful.

You can of cause choose a different group for each event. 


You talk about being a persona. Could you explain more?

When you put on a costume or a mask you behave a little different. Taking a persona and waking in her shoes will give you confidence to be different and do things you normally wouldn't dare. The persona gives you alibi to live the life of your dreams for a few hours, and hopefully the experiences you have will live on when you return to your own self.


But where do I start?
You start with your own dreams and desires. Do you want to be able to go with the flow more? Be more confident? More outspoken? This is your chance to be the one you dream of being.
Then you match that with your group. So if you want to be more outgoing you could be a Roman senator on a mission. Or a stern officer on leave. Or maybe a ambitious initiate in The Secret Society? Since all posibilites are available to you, why not choose something a little outside your comfort zone. Someting that makes you feel alive.

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