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Dress to Impress!


The guests at The Hellfire Society love to dress up. And dress down. In both cases our guests do their very best to look awesome and sexy. So please make an effort and wear your best. Our four groups have their own style and you can read more about that here.



More is More!

There is no such thing as overdoing your outfit.


Should I wear more jewelry? But of course!

A silver tipped cane with a big ruby? That surely must be too much? Not at all! The more the better. 


At the society there are no boundaries to the extravagance of your outfit. Be wild, be free and be more than you ever dreamed of!



There is no such thing as too sexy!

You are a wonderful and sexy being and there is no reason not to show it! At The society we aim for all people to achieve their sexiest potential. No matter your body type you are very sexy and you should never believe otherwise!


You can be absolutely sure that when you enter the doors of the Hellfire Society you will be treated as the sexy Goddess or God that you are. We cannot wait to greet you.



What NOT to wear

No jeans, sneakers or casual wear of any kind. 
No suits unless they have a strong vintage feel.

No uniforms that is not dress or galla, so no work uniforms. And please no German uniforms from WWII.

If you are in doubt that your outfit falls outside the dress code it probably does.


For more inspiration look at our moodboards.



To celebrate debauchery and lewd behaviour through the ages, we ask you to follow the three rules of our dress code:
Dress to impress!
More is more!
There is no such thing as too sexy!
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