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The Rules

At the society we have a few simple rules to make sure all of our participants feel safe and have a great evening:
You need to read about The Hellfire Society.
You need to be a member of the society.
You cannot arrive alone. You need a PAL.
You need to follow the dress code.
Always ask, never expect anything. 

PAL System


The Hellfire Society is an event for couples and chaperoned singles only. Couples don’t have to be male/female. Whatever floats your boat.


If you are single and want to come to The Hellfire Society it’s easy. Just bring a friend (we call them your PAL). For details of how this works read on.


The PAL system

If you want to come to The Hellfire Society without a date these rules apply:


- When you come to The Hellfire Society you must bring a PAL with you

- You can’t PAL someone you don’t know. You must know them and trust them.

- Your PAL can be the same gender, the opposite gender or even a couple

- You are responsible for your PALs behavior and they are responsible for yours!

- If either of you violate the charter you will both be held responsible

- You must arrive together and we recommend leaving together



I am single. Can my PAL be another single person?

YES! As long as you know and trust them, you can testify to their good character and agree to keep an eye on each other, your PAL can be either gender.


We are a couple and we have a single friend- can we bring her/him with us?

YES! Please do!


I am a single guy. Am I welcome?

YES! As long as you are respectful, you have read and understand our rules, you have a PAL who you know and trust with you, and you are not in street clothes you are welcome.


Can I meet someone online, arrive with them, and then go off and party?

NO! You must know your PAL, be able to testify to their good character, and trust them. To come to the event with someone you don’t know and trust is disrespectful to our community and compromises the safety of the space.


Can I make last minute plans, call my friend who is already there, and get them to meet me at the door and be my PAL

NO!You cannot buy tickets on the day of the event. Sorry.


If I arrive 15 minutes before my PAL can I hang out at the party till they arrive?

YES! But we will ask you to stay in the lobby so that you are there when they arrive to check in.

Pal system

Why do you recommend leaving together?

The only reason you should leave without your PAL is if you trust them in your deepest heart of hearts to behave themselves. You don’t want to be held responsible for some random person’s late night drunken shenanigans! If your PAL leaves and your actions are even slightly dodgy, we will ask you to leave.


I have been coming to The Hellfire Society for years. Can I come without a PAL?

NO. You will need to come with someone.


What happens if my PAL misbehaves?

First we will talk to them, and then we will find you and talk to you. If it is serious then they will be banned and you will get a warning. If you are not there, we will get your email address from your PAL and contact you after the event.


Will I get kicked out if my PAL misbehaves?

You might. It depends on the situation.


If you have a question for our F.A.Q, please feel free to shoot us an email. If it’s a good question, we’ll add it to this list





Creative Commons License

Party Technology provided by The Original Kinky Salon in San Francisco is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Edited to fit Hellfire Society guidelines.

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