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The Society

has existed since the dawn of time. The Hellfire Society is a tribute to the women, men and everybody in between that, through the ages, who have worshipped debauchery, hedonism and lewd behaviour. 
You can now be a member of this exclusive and elusive club. 

What is
The Hellfire Society?


It is a group of people who love hedonistic behaviour and once in a while want to step into a world where anything can happen and you can be whoever you want to be.

When The Society gets together we praise and worship lust and passion like humanity have done since the dawn of time. The Society's keywords are freedom, shameless lust and respect. Only with all three present can the magic happen.


The Society uses rituals to create an atmosphere of something otherworldly. We believe we can transform all of us into wondrous beings where the restrictions of everyday life does not apply  and you can be totally free. 


The Groups


To show respect of all those who came before us, The Society have chosen three groups all members should dress up to belong to.

The Society believes by dressing up you become something you not normally are. You are set free and can, and will, experience your deepest desires


Your Persona

When you go to The Society, you have the chance be whoever you want to be. You can choose to put on a Persona, just as you put on a dress or a mask. This is the chance to be whatever you dream of.


This also means that when you are at The Society you need to play along on the Personas you meet. No matter if it is an Amazonian Warrior or a crossdressing Julius Caesar.
You can read more on the groups here.


And you can read more about the party here.

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